Edward Guglielmino

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Guglielmino’s got the same singing style as someone like Ed Kuepper. Not a typical rock n roll voice, and maybe an aquired taste. But he has also got some fine ideas of how to flesh out a track’ - Richard Kingsmill Triple J Music Director

Late at Night is a powerful Statement, one that repays careful listening’ – Noel Mengel

‘Ed is a fascinating character: vulnerable and against-the-grain and possessed of an inner belief that has nothing to do with peers. His mother really ought to stop comparing him to a younger me (20 years younger) though – Ed’s going to amount to way more than that!’ – Everett True

Edward Guglielmino leavens the heart-weary cynicism of his acoustic ballads with equal amounts of cheerfully self-deprecating banter in a charming set that never wears out its welcome.
Demosthenes- Faster Louder.

You’ve got to admire Ed’s light-hearted cynicism; a casual and earthy sincerity mixed with a shrewd sense of humour. Ed closes the night with ‘You are an Alien’ with a long high falsetto reminiscent of Muse or Tom Yorke, but with perhaps more nostril involved, yet continuing to surprise his audience with a broken deep husk in the verses. Edward Guglielmino is a chameleon and a comedian, and proved to Melbourne that he’s willing to metamorphosis at will, but he won’t say the word ‘f—k’ because it’s just too rock ‘n’ roll.
Jonathan B Faster Louder

As his deep baritone alternates with soaring falsetto throughout the set it’s not hard to understand why Guglielmino has already drawn comparisons around town to the likes of Lou Reed and Jeff Buckley.

Many musicians argue on unconvincing grounds that there’s something unique about their musical endeavors. That they are artists – when, in fact, they’re merely conformist mouthpieces perpetuating the commercially-oriented status quo. These are the people that ensure that actual artists are reduced to scraping and scratching for the attention their art deserves.

Local icon-in-the-making Edward Guglielmino is a fitting example of the polar opposite – a young singer-songwriter with an authentic take on ‘music as art’

Justin Grey Music Journalist

Edward has a bitterness that doesn’t betray an undertone of hatred, just confusion and bewilderment. He knows the world will continue to fall whether he plays a part in it or not, but he wants to make sure that if you witness the destruction of our existence, that you stop by, at least for a glimmer, of the existence of Edward Guglielmino. Not too much to ask.
Joshua Kellher, 4zZz.