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If I were PM

If I were PM, by Edward Guglielmino
If I were PM I’d go into heaps of national debt, around one thousand billion dollars, and build amazing public schools, hospitals and give everyone with a free NBN connection. I’d provide free public transport, I’d put the dole up to minimum wage, I’d give the primary care giver 6 months paid maternity leave. I’d consult a committee of Indigenous elders to work ways for lasting reconciliation and bring communion between the first and second nation people. I’d go to Indonesia and give first class boat rides to asylum seekers to Australia, process them here, and if legitimate give them permanent residency, with a slight catch,  that they had to spend 5 years filling a employment gap in a regional centre (watch the cost of FIFO mining go down).
I’d employ a huge army of technicians, train them properly, and have them go to every house in Australia and see what steps could be taken to make the houses energy neutral (run off their own solar and/or wind), I assume some would also end up feeding back into the grid. I’d buy everyone electric cars, install high speed rail between all the cities and make the cost of the ticket free to most and a small amount to some.
Then I’d legalise and tax marijuana raising between 1-2 billion dollars a year in direct taxation and another 2 billion dollars a year with the economic boom. (Australian Hemp Party; My Guestimation). I’d decriminalise and regulate other drugs saving law enforcement 4.7 – 5.5 billion dollars a year.  (Sydney Morning Herald). I’d introduce a modest wealth tax, as it isn’t income that situates a person in the economy, rather it is their net wealth. A net wealth tax of 0.8% would raise 43 billion dollars a year (The Australian).  I recon an even 2% would be good. So that’s about 100 billion dollars a year, plus another 10 billion in savings and revenue from ending  “The War On Drugs”.  Pay off that one thousand billion dollars in 10 years, heaps of happy voters, some sad social conservatives.  Oh well. Probably easier to manage with a free and diverse press.  Oh I forgot, I change media ownership laws to one paper per person, subsidise as needed, migrate to electronic.

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