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A short poem about voting.

A short poem about voting.

Here are the issues I consider when voting:
1. Which of the parties will work the hardest to prevent the apocalypse.
2. Which of the parties has the least amount of members who believe in a magic invisible man who controls everything.
3. Which of the parties is the least likely to refer to a 4000 year book full of old desert scribblings describing misogyny, racism, homophobia, genocide and incest.

What about the economy?
The economy needs a planet to run.
What about interest rates?
Interest rates rely on a human race existing.
What about education?
Education relies on a human race existing.
What about gay marriage?
See concern 3.
What about manufacturing?
Manufacturing on a human race existing.
What about taxes?
Taxes require living humans to earn an income in order to pay tax.
What about asylum seekers?
They make up less than 1% of migration, I don’t really know enough about the issue, but don’t see the point in making it political other than issue 3.

You pinko communist lefty!

Actually preventing the apocalypse, and not believing in magic isn’t really political, its actually just using common sense.

Climate change is a myth!

Honestly I am not a scientist so I can’t be sure, but if my doctor told me I had cancer I wouldn’t ask a journalist what I should do, nor would I try and find a doctor who believes cancer is a myth.

Climate change is caused by nature not humans!

Maybe, but thats like saying cigarettes don’t give you cancer. Which is also a possibility. Wanna take up smoking and see?

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