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Lying in her hotel bed, hung over again Elaine thought to herself

‘No-one understands me!’

She was intelligent, far more intelligent than she let people know, she was already considered outstanding because of her looks and the pressure was enough with that alone, compiled with a gifted mind it would be to much pressure, so she hid her intelligence. She had long brown hair and green eyes, her father was of Sicilian decent and her mother Irish, people would often remark on her looks and ask about her heritage, when they heard about her parents they would often remark,

“Ah yes a good Catholic upbringing”,

She couldn’t be bothered telling people that both her parents where atheists – and now divorced. Her father a Professor of Sociology at NYU, her mother a had held down many different jobs but was currently a doing an apprenticeship as a prosthesis sculptor – her parents were still very good friends and had split when she was fourteen, but lived together until she was fifteen. Sometimes still when she rang her father, her mother would answer the phone.

Her ability to draw people in had lead to any easy job as the casino, spinning the jackpot wheel and smiling. The work was brain numbing and she hadn’t really tried to get the job, her husbands uncle, Peter, had given her the job with a healthy wage (plus tips) after chatting to her at a party. His analysis of the fiscal policy of Spain was weak and flawed at best, but she just nodded; she never expressed her opinion, and couldn’t be bothered explaining how quantitative easing actually deflated the value of the currency whilst also inflating the overall cost of living for the people of Spain.

She had spent hours in hotels, after her shift Peter would let her sleep in one of the rooms in the casino for as long as she liked before driving home. Often she would tell her husband she had worked late, but really she had been in her room watching CNN and BBC, analyzing the political events of the world. Or re-reading her favorite books by Dostoyevsky, Foucault, or Derrida.

Her husband was also very intellectually gifted, but being a man he suffered the problem that all intelligent men do, his testosterone give his confidence a boost which clouded his intellect. Also due to his aggressive mind, he often skimmed over issues – without going in deep to really understand the issues, this had begun to send Elaine insane. She had started to challenge his analysis – but only internally, externally she grinned and nodded as he regurgitated almost word for word an article she had read in the New York Times, with a slight adjustment towards social libertarianism. This was her husbands’ trick, to take any situation and remove the authorities from the equation. The only authority that was acceptable was his authority.

She had started to drink heavily, she thought that she could drown her sorrows, but her sorrows could float. This night she had partied with three Japanese men on business – they had bought her drinks all night. They spoke broken English; they kept telling her she was beautiful. She wished she was ugly, then people might be interested in her. The last thing she remembered was Hiragana leaning in for a kiss. Flashes of other things were also coming up Karaoke, arguments, white lines.

No one understood her..

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