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Saxophone Dinner

She only drank mt evan water. She was a waiter from Wisconsin. She taught the saxophone at a private school but couldn’t handle the repetitive nature of the work so quit to wait on tables. She met someone new every day. Private school girls were all the same. She couldn’t be bothered listening to there stories every day. The annoying bitchy monologues about so and so. The smell of 40 year old carpet in the class room. The white board pen smell that floated down the hall when Mr Peterson took his grade A english literature class.

She had be waiting on tables for 14 months. She met an Elvis impersonator once who purposed to her at the table, he was very good looking so she had considered it for more than a moment but then caught herself. He looked like he was on coke. She was thin petite and beautiful despite the fact that she slept into 2pm got up and had two cheese burgers and a chocolate thick shake for breakfast from Happy Burger and then went to work and ate an apple pie with a slice of melted cheese over it nearly every day.

Her shift started at 5pm and finished at 5am. “Billy’s Dinner” Frequented by smack heads and shift workers. The apple pie was the best in the state although no-one would know. To dead tired or smacked out to realise the superb flavour.

When it rained the diner was usually empty at night. Occasionally college jocks would turn up drunk and flirt with her. She pretended not to like it but she did. Although she had grown to be beautiful in her early 30′s for most of her life or body was disproportionate and no amount of convincing could change her old thoughts on her looks. Flirting was something she never did when she was younger, so she didn’t know how to respond other than to blush and disapprove.

The owner of the cafe George was an old Greek man, he always paid her a bit extra and with tips she was earning more than when she taught sax. George was a ugly old man but somehow still appeared handsome because of his old charm. He son was married to a real-estate agent who had 5 children from a previous marriage and now was pregnant with their first but her 6th child. George would mock her disapprovingly and point to the dinner full of junkies and tired shift workers (many times it was hard to tell who was who) and say “Just what the world needs, more people”.

After work she would walk home as the sun was just breaking. When she got home she ate pop-tarts and watched repeats of Larry King live. Her doctor had prescribed sedatives to help her sleep during the day, she only ever took a quarter of a pill with a beer. She fell asleep thinking of the Elvis impersonator. He was so handsome! Or the College Jocks that had flirted with her. Larry King was interviewing judge judy. The birds outside would start to tweet into her dreams. She would hear a sax in the distance, the busker outside her apartment. A drop out from her school. A crack of light though the tinfoil on her windows. Judge Judy is talking about drug addicts.

She spoke “I bet she’s never met one”

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