Edward Guglielmino

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I didn’t drink that much last night.

I didn’t drive too fast home.

I didn’t cut my self shaving that much.

I don’t watch to much tv.

I don’t sit of facebook all day.

I don’t get too much sun.

I don’t smoke that many cigarettes.

I don’t use my mobile that much.

I don’t sleep in that often.

I don’t eat that much read meat.

I don’t drink that many soft drinks. I haven’t hurt that many people.

I’m not in to much debt.

I don’t work too hard.

I don’t eat that much junk food.

I only have 4 shots of coffee a day.

I only eat our 7 times a week.

I don’t use that much electricity.

I spend enough time in the gym.

I am not that old.

I am pretty famous.

I didn’t step on too many people to get here.

I don’t think about sex that often.

I don’t ask for favors to much.

I don’t gossip that much.

I haven’t made too many enemies.

I don’t eat that many calories.

I haven’t done that many drugs.

I have a pretty long time on the planet.

I don’t worry too much.

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