Edward Guglielmino

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I met a post modern neo shaman.

I met a post-modern neo shaman.

I closed my eyes and saw rainbow serpents flushing in and out of a time matrix. The time matrix showed me things from my past and my immediate future. It was like an early morning dream or a deep meditation.  One of the serpents was eating its own tail and telling me

“time is just an illusion, time is a slithering serpent, time is an illusion”.

This was hilarious, I laughed out loud and told people in the room with me what I had heard, they all laughed as well.

I could feel some fear in the room, but my mind was at peace, I had been preparing for this for days.

The snakes were made of rainbows, my ego impersonated God for a moment.

When I awoke I had the eyes of a new born baby, every object is full of life. My mind is hungry like an empty stomach, it want to read books and listen to music until its full, but like all brains its capacity is infinite.

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  1. Is acid making a comeback?

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