Edward Guglielmino

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Rave Review – We play the gold coast arts centre tonight.

Alhambra Lounge – Wed Nov 21
Alhambra Lounge is such a pretty venue on nights
like this, when the bands are quieter and the crowd
more subdued. The tables are lit with little candles
and dim lamps hang from the ceiling, creating a soft,
shadowy atmosphere. Cowper is the fi rst of three acts
and sets the right mood with his folksy acoustic songs
and strong, husky voice. The gentle guitar notes mingle
pleasantly with his bluesy singing.

Brian Campeau plays second this evening, tonight
being his album launch. He begins alone, playing folksy
tunes on his acoustic guitar, before bringing his band to
the stage, which consists of a drummer, cellist and support
singer, who also plays various percussion instruments.
With his band supporting, the songs become
louder and more eclectic, with the percussion a prominent
feature of the music. He has a strong voice that
weaves melodiously with the percussion and guitars.

Ed Guglielmino plays slow, moody indie-pop rock
that immediately strikes as more interesting than many
musicians of this genre. He plays electric guitar supported
by a band of four, including bass, keyboard and
drums. The original sound of the music is supported by
Guglielmino’s deep and somewhat unusual voice. He
doesn’t focus on generating smooth and sweet notes
but growls out his songs, aiming for something more
off beat than a perfectly polished sound.

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